Lucy a hit at Dunham!

National Trust Dunham massey

Placements are getting under way across Greater Manchester for our second group of if volunteers. This time volunteer placements include: assisting the family programmes team at Manchester Art Gallery, learning how to deliver public tours at Manchester Jewish Museum, engaging with visitors during the busy school holiday period at People’s History Museum, and many more.

Lucy, from our first ever group of if volunteers, started her placement at National Trust Dunham Massey in January 2014. The role involved assisting with a large administration operation to produce individualised training packs for all 500 volunteers at Dunham, to be handed out over 5 ‘pre-season briefing’ events onsite.

Unphased by this task Lucy dived into producing name badges, stuffing envelopes with individualised information, making up packs, keeping everything in order, and alphabetising data as she went.

Charlotte Smithson, Volunteer Development Manager at National Trust Dunham Massey said: ‘We discovered that Lucy is incredibly thorough, organised and very time efficient; in fact, she got the whole job done in less time than we expected and had a smile on her face all the while!’

‘It was a pleasure to host Lucy’s placement. She is a breath of fresh air, exceptionally capable and delight to work with.’

Lucy has now moved into full time employment and says ‘I would never have had the confidence to even go on my first day if I hadn’t attended the if course. Before I went I was told that my new employer had invented a material that was better than Kevlar, so I had a chance to show off my knowledge from my object handling sessions, I didn’t ever think that would come in handy outside the museum!’

The National Trust has transformed Dunham Massey into Stamford Military Hospital to mark the centenary of the First World War. Visit their website for more information

Stay tuned for updates on what our current group of if volunteers are getting up to out on placements.

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