Volunteer Opportunity at Quays Culture

Volunteer Steward, Quays Culture

Mini Burble is a 30 m tall mobile structure made up of 300 large balloons that create a nimble and reactive structure that visitors are able to paint via an interactive app. Each balloon in a Mini Burble contains sensors, LEDs and microcontrollers, enabling the balloons to create patterns of colour rippling skyward. Once the Mini Burble is launched, members of the public will use a Mini Burble app to paint the colours flowing through the Mini Burble.

Overview of role:

As a Quays Culture volunteer you will be ask to:

● Assist in the stewarding of the event

● Support in crowd control

● Help with workshop activities

● Provide information to the public about the artwork

● Collate Audience data on behalf of Quays Culture

All Volunteers have travel expenses and refreshments provided.

How to apply: Contact Hannah Cox on 0161 876 2106 or email Hannah@quaysculture.com

Closing date:  20th June 2015

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